UR Fog, a European brand of Fogging security system is the most innovative and the best performing security system on the market. They are the fastest fog generators in the world with low power consumption and very good insulation that allow machines to work for a lengthy time in absence of mains power, from 1.5 upto 5 hours.

Evacuation Chair

World Leaders in Evacuation for over 35 years, Evac+chair is a universal evacuation solution for smooth stairway descent during an emergency situation. The products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Fire Extinguisher Spray

ReinoldMax500 Fire Extinguisher is a portable, lightweight fire extinguisher which is non which is non -hazardous to humans and environment. On its application it creates creates creates creates AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) immediately to cools down the heat.

OUR Business

Our Objective

Born out of passion & commitment towards Life Safety & Security

The prime objective is to meet the market-needs as an Organized and Structured Fire & Security Product Distribution player in India by bringing in the best of products and technologies to the market with greater emphasis on After Sales Support, Training and Education.

Our Practice

understands system integrator and user requirements better

We are committed to providing hands-on training and after-sales support through simulation labs. We wish to heighten awareness levels within the industry by conducting seminars, product & technology workshops thus empowering Architects, Consultants & End-Users.

Our Commitment

committed to build partnership, Trust & Relationship

At FSD we are committed to build partnership, Trust & Relationship Let's come together and create a better India & join hands to protect Lives & property.